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Popular Drinks In Dubai

There are several drinks served in Sharjah which have become popular especially over the last few years. The drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic and can also include fruit juices. These drinks are served in almost all the hotels and restaurants in Sharjah. All the drinks serve to satisfy one’s thirst better than water. As a result, more people are making such drinks at home. Such drinks are popularly known as sharia shake.

DRINKS/ISLES: Sharjah Shake recipe consists of two main ingredients which are banana and chilled milk. Banana and chilled milk powder are the main ingredients used in the creation of a Sharjah Sheikh. Many drinks that are served in Sharjah have been prepared using the banana and chilled milk powder. This is done to make the drinks taste better. For instance, in case of a cold drink, the chilled milk will nullify the coldness of the drink and make it palatable.

BOURNVIAM: The Brunchtime milkshake is made with the combination of the banana, milk and chocolates. This milkshake is very popular among the students of Sharjah University. When you order for this drink, it is best that you select a small glass instead of a large cup so that the ice does not melt. The ice helps in keeping the liquid inside the glass and you can drink the same while chatting with your friends. The Brunchtime milkshakes are served in almost all the eateries and coffee houses in Sharjah.

CHOCOLATE SHAKES: The coconut milk shake is another popular drink in Sharjah. The ingredients that go into this shake are banana, chocolate drink powder, honey and coconuts. A very popular drink in Sharjah is the chocolate kiwi shake which is made using the kiwi fruit. All the ingredients are blended well and served warm. The fruit used in making this drink is very rich in nutrients. The banana has a high level of vitamins and antioxidants and the other ingredients of this shake help in detoxifying the body.

DRESSED DRESS: The chilled drink with a touch of cream is also quite popular as the Dubai wedding dress. The chilled drinks are served in tea cups. These cups have a special coating on the top to prevent it from getting scorched. The chilled milk and fruit juices are added to the glass and served chilled.

FREEZING SWEEPS: You can get a cool smooth shake if you order a frozen banana in the Dubai milkshake shop. The frozen banana has to be in very cold temperature. If the banana is kept in room temperature then the mixture cannot turn out as cool as the frozen banana.

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