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What Types Of Drinks Are Considered Healthy?

Drinks are a basic unit of the modern world. A drink is generally a clear liquid meant for consumption. Along with their primary function of soothing thirst, drinks also play important cultural roles throughout the world. Some of the more common varieties of drinks are tea and coffee, although there are many more types of drinks available on the market.

Tea and coffee have long been staples of society. The word “tea” actually comes from the Latin for tea. Both contain antioxidants that help to fight off free radicals that can damage cellular DNA, leading to cancer formation. Tea and coffee are also typically consumed as a hot beverage, with the added perk of being a pleasant flavor, especially in the U.S. Many people also choose to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee during the cold winter months when the weather can be rather uncomfortable.

Soft drinks are also very popular among the general public. Soft drinks are a multivitamin/mineral-rich drink typically sold in bottles with an orange label. These beverages are predominantly produced in countries where tradition guides the use of the drink rather than modern, commercially produced drinks with flavors that are more pleasing to the taste buds. Examples of hard liquor and soft drinks include brandy and whiskey, as well as other verities such as liqueurs and fruit juices. Some examples of non-alcoholic soft drinks include flavored waters and sports drinks

The beverage that is most closely related to food is tea. Tea is used to drink before meals, as a drink to warm up the human body, to prepare one for sleep or to treat a hangover, and as a beverage after meals. A number of tea drinks exist on the market today, including green tea and black tea. Green tea is believed to contain antioxidants that aid in reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the advancement of the hardening of the arteries that leads to heart attack and stroke.

Wine is another example of a popular beverage. There is an assortment of wines to choose from. Wine has been enjoyed by royalty throughout the centuries, and although sparkling wines are not made in the same manner that they are made in France, American wine manufacturers pride themselves on making sparkling wines that rival those produced in France. One can purchase wine in bottled form as well, although many people prefer to drink it in its natural state, without any added extras.

Juices are a relatively new addition to the list of available drinks, although they are quickly gaining popularity. Juice bars are popping up across the country that offer a variety of different juices and smoothies to compliment a wide range of different foods and drinks. The rising popularity of these places is largely due to their ability to provide a unique way to add extra flavors to a drink, without adding extra calories and without making the drink too sweet or overly acidic. Many people enjoy the flavor of a juice bar, because they can order a particular juice based on its flavor. Juice bars can also be great places to get new recipes for foods and drinks since there is a wide variety of juices to try.

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