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Classic Drinks Making a Comeback in 2024

Classic cocktails once falling out of favor have seen a major renaissance in 2024. The Grasshopper, Air Mail, and Side Car cocktails are among those making an impressive comeback on bar menus across America.

Category lines are gradually blurring as spirits and non-alcoholic drinks come together in innovative crossover cocktail creations, like Angry Orchard’s new 8% ABV Crisp Imperial hard cider as an example.


Mojitos are a refreshing summer drink to sip on hot days. Light, refreshing and with just the right balance between sweet and tart flavors, making this classic cocktail easy to create at home with just three ingredients (one liquor and ice), fresh mint leaves, lime wedges, sugar (a muddler is best but other methods may work too) and sugar (an end of spoon works too!).

This year has seen the Mojito enjoy an unexpected surge in popularity. As craft cocktail culture expands and customers rediscover timeless cocktails such as Gin & Tonic and Margarita, many customers have returned to traditional favorites like Mojito.

Apple Martini

Retro cocktails are making a comeback on the cocktail scene, led by the Blue Hawaiian (a 1950s Tiki throwback), which has quickly risen to become one of Union’s best-selling cocktails, while Apple Martinis are poised to follow in its footsteps.

The first Apple Martini was invented at Lola’s Nightclub in Los Angeles in 1997. Lola’s owner Loren Dunsworth noticed DeKuyper Pucker sour apple schnapps imitation liqueur and Ketel One vodka on her bar’s back bar and instructed her bartender to combine them for her.

It was the embodiment of West Hollywood hedonism: vibrant green drinks filled with fun, eye-catching flavor that were also deliciously boozy – pure West Hollywood hedonism in liquid form! That made it such a hit that it quickly earned contemporary classic status and earned our Cocktail Hall of Fame status during the 2000s. Today it’s easy to make an elegant Apple Martini at home; simply fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and combine equal portions of all ingredients; shake well then strain into martini glasses while garnishing with thin apple slices before enjoying!


Negroni cocktails have gained tremendously in popularity due to their classic balance of sweet, bitter and botanical flavors. Not only is the Negroni an excellent way of getting buzzed without becoming excessively inebriated – perfect for holiday gatherings or family celebrations!

While the standard Negroni recipe may seem straightforward – equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari – there are countless creative variations to explore. On tiktok for instance, one popular variation involves swapping out the gin for sparkling wine such as Prosecco to lighten things up a bit; another favorite variation involves using dark amaro such as Cynar which boasts layers of rich caramel toffee flavors with robust herbal undertones to pair nicely with zesty gins like Gin.

Be adventurous by adding sushi rice to your Negroni. Not only will this look beautiful, but the starch in sushi rice helps soften Campari’s bitter edges for a silkier mouthfeel and round off its bitter edges for a richer sip.


Scotch may not be top of mind when thinking of cocktails, but this versatile spirit should still have a place in every cocktail enthusiast’s rotation. Scotch can be enjoyed neat or used to craft an array of tasty cocktails.

2024 promises an abundance of whiskey-related festivities – from small-batch bourbons and new American ryes, to Lunar New Year single malts! 2024 has everything a whisky lover could need for celebration!

Scotch-based drinks can be just as refreshing as vodka or gin-based cocktails, especially the Penicillin. It combines scotch with sweet-tasting amaretto Italian liqueur for an amazing combination. The Penicillin will impress even your most skeptical whisky drinkers! For something simpler yet still impressive try Boulevardier as another great cocktail choice to satisfy that well-balanced cocktail craving!

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