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Ido Fishman Discusses Kitchen Tool Mistakes to Avoid

The quantity and measurements of ingredients can have a big impact on how your meal turns out when you are slaving over a hot stove to cook something. To help people in improving and boosting their cooking skills, a number of kitchen tools have been developed over the years. These are routinely used by people for reducing errors and ensuring that their recipe turns out exactly as expected. But, there are some mistakes that people do make when using these kitchen tools and they can affect the outcome. Subsequently, Ido Fishman has mentioned some kitchen tool mistakes you should avoid to get the desired results. These are highlighted as follows:

  • Using a serrated knife only for cutting bread

A serrated knife doesn’t just come in handy for cutting bread. According to experts like Ido Fishman, you can also use it for cutting through soft foods, such as tomatoes, because it will be able to slice cleanly and not crush them down. You just need to grip the blade with your index finger and thumb, palm the handle and keep the ingredients in place.

  • Using a pizza stone just for pizza

If you want to distribute heat evenly in your oven, you will discover that a pizza stone can be incredibly useful. All you have to do is place it on the oven floor, then bake or cook your foods on the rack above. This will allow them to soak up the even and steady heat.

  • Using a sauté pan and skillet interchangeably

As per Ido Fishman, the more liquid you have to use, the higher the sides of the pan need to be. Even though this seems quite straightforward, it is often difficult for people to decide when to use a sauté pan and a skillet. The sloping sides and light weight of the skillet is designed to make maneuvering easy over high heat. Shaking, flipping and swirling is not just done for style alone; it allows everything to cook evenly. The high walls of a sauté pan can reduce mess and splatter, so they are best when you are cooking lots of oil or sauce.

  • Using a pressure cooker for dry meat

Steam plays an integral role in pressure cooking and Ido Fishman Chef says that your meal will not cook correctly, if there is not enough moisture. When you have to cook dry foods, such as chicken, you should include at least half a cup of broth or water for getting the best results.

  • Using a blender just for your morning smoothie

Your blender is not just for making your morning smoothie. It can actually be a lot more versatile than you think. It can also come in handy for soups, purees and dressings.

  • Using foil and parchment paper interchangeably

Parchment paper holds in moisture, is non-stick and can be quite helpful with even cooking. In contrast, Ido Fishman says that foil tends to be a lot more malleable, so it is a better option for ‘tenting’ turkey or chicken and when you have to smoke foods on the grill. When you have to boil or grill, go with foil and parchment sheet is best for sweet treats.

  • Using a cheap rubber spatula

You need to choose a set of cooking utensils that can suit all your cooking needs. When you have to toss roasted vegetables or bake, you should choose heat-resistant silicone. Ido Fishman also recommends that you get a pair of tongs having scalloped tips, so the meat doesn’t flop out of your grip when you are flipping it. As a wooden spoon will not conduct heat, it is a great option for dishes, such as stews, sauces and soups that have to be stirred frequently. As long as you avoid these common kitchen tool mistakes, you can certainly enhance your cooking skills and encounter less problems during cooking.

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