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How to Keep Chicken Breast Cooking in the Oven moist

High heat helps seal in juices and prevent overcooking, which could leave chicken dry and rubbery.

Cooking time will depend on the size of your breasts; but be sure to check them at the end for doneness (large breasts require 23-25 minutes and medium ones 18-20). Make sure you use an instant read thermometer!


Chicken breast is an economical, lean source of protein with endless versatility, offering benefits in recipes such as tacos, salads, sandwiches and wraps.

Preserving chicken breast in an oven is key to keeping it moist and tender, and dry rubs or marinades are great ways to do just that.

Brining chicken is another straightforward and simple way to enhance its juicy texture, performed by submerging it in salt water for approximately 1-3 hours prior to being submerged in it.

Once your chicken has been submerged in brine, be sure to rinse and pat it dry using paper towels before baking for optimal results. This helps ensure the marinade sticks to it better!


No matter if you’re baking boneless chicken breasts, an entire chicken, or just several pieces of meat – seasoning is key to creating delicious dishes! Proper seasoning of your chicken helps it remain juicy while protecting it from drying out during baking.

Olive oil is an effective way to keep meat juicy and flavorful by locking in moisture while stimulating Maillard browning, an extrinsic process which imparts surface flavors onto its surfaces.

Spices can also add depth of flavor to the chicken, so choose an Italian seasoning blend (which features oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary and sage) or your preferred spices to elevate its taste.

Be sure to rub the chicken breast with its chosen seasoning before placing in the oven; this will ensure even seasoning and ensure a juicy end result.


Chicken breast is an easily adaptable source of healthy protein that makes an excellent addition to a balanced diet. Low in calories and versatile enough for use in various recipes, chicken breast is an indispensable addition.

Baking chicken breast in an oven is the ideal way to create juicy and tender chicken meat while maintaining moisture balance in its texture and appearance.

Roasting chicken breasts at 425-450 degrees Fahrenheit ensures they will come out moist and brown while also creating an efficient cooking time.

Before baking, use olive oil to coat each chicken breast in order to add moisture and help the seasoning adhere more efficiently, leading to succulent and succulent results every time.


Chicken breasts should be allowed to rest after baking so the juices reabsorb back into the meat and help prevent overcooking while maintaining moist and succulent chicken breasts. This will also prevent overdrying of the finished product and maintain its tender and succulent textures.

One key aspect of successful chicken breast baking is ensuring they cook evenly across their surfaces. If one side thickens more than another, this may result in undercooked or underseasoned pieces of poultry.

Before cooking chicken breasts, pound them down to be approximately the same thickness; this extra effort will result in juicy and flavorful results! By doing this, all parts will bake at roughly the same time and ensure juicy results!

At least 165 degrees Fahrenheit should be the internal temperature of any well-cooked chicken breast, easily verified using a meat thermometer inserted into its thickest part.

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