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Pizza Vending Machines and Other Odd Ways of Eating Pizza Dishes

Here’s an odd idea that someone has devised, a roadside pizza vending machine that distributes pizza to go in only three minutes. On the streets of Glasgow is a fully automated pizza machine that is Scotland’s first.

How Does the Pizza Vending Machine Work?

This machine offers traditional hand-stretched artisan pizza 24 hours a day. Ordering is easy. Choose your pizza type from the machine’s panel, then submit your payment. After a short three-minute wait, your fresh, hot pizza will pop out of a slot. There are several varieties to choose from, and the prices are reasonable. The machine can hold 96 pizzas inside, ready and waiting for a customer to order. There’s even a helpline number printed on this machine in case you have trouble!

Is the Pizza Hot and Tasty?

Delivered to one patron of the vending machine was a cold, uncooked pizza instead of the hot pizza he was expecting. He posted a review on Twitter that went viral. Google reviews tend towards the positive, with comments proclaiming the pizza “fresh and tasty” and “surprisingly great.” Negative reviews claim the pizza was small, burnt, expensive and “absolutely terrible.” A few complaints said the uncut pizza was not easy to eat, requiring tearing by hand. YouTube video reviews range from delicious to rubbish.

Other Ways To Get Your Pizza Fix

When you’re craving pizza and don’t feel like going through the time-consuming process of preparing and cooking one yourself, other options are available besides using a vending machine. Consider hiring a mobile pizza caterer or picking one up from a takeaway. Pizza sold by the slice is a good choice when you aren’t hungry enough for an entire pizza. If you can wait until you get home to satisfy your craving, a supermarket pizza or pizza delivery is always an option.

Is Ordering a Pizza From a Vending Machine a Good Idea?

The reviews are a bit mixed, but the pizza machine does offer fresh pizza that is easy to get and affordable. Plus, it’s available around the clock! In some ways, this comes across as a fun gimmick. But the pizza vending machine market does seem to be growing, as more machines are starting to appear around the country. For hungry pizza lovers in Glasgow and more are being planned for the rest of the UK, see: pizza vending machines UK – where can I find one? by mobile pizza caterers at Hot Stones Pizzas. A vending machine may be a super option for getting a quick, hot pizza on the go.

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